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Let Portland Software develop a decentralized app that will change the face of the blockchain world.

We make it possible for us to create solutions that go beyond data security and include workflow control, slashing man-hours, and rock-solid product and service quality.

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What precisely is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed database that stores and distributes data to network nodes in digital form.

Consider these millennials: they are the industry’s top blockchain developers, and they visit the Zen space every day to test and debate all things Blockchain.

If you’re unfamiliar with blockchain, it’s a data storage system that divides data into blocks, each of which contains a set of data. When a block’s storage capacity is used up, it is closed and linked to the block before it, forming the blockchain, or data chain.

Financial institutions are only open during regular business hours, which are usually five days a week, but Blockchain transactions can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, regardless of holidays or the time of day or week. Thanks to blockchain, banks may now send payments between institutions more quickly and securely.

We at Portland Software Developers understand the importance of Blockchains in maintaining a secure and decentralized record of cryptocurrency transactions.

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Consulting on the Blockchain

App Development

Customization and development of blockchains DONE!

At Portland Software Developers, we love to build specific blockchain solutions that make your business run more efficiently in your current environment, using a strong understanding of the most popular frameworks and tools. We make our software to meet the needs of each customer and smoothly work with their systems, no matter how complicated they are.

Custom Software Development

Blockchain technology  in businesses.

We offer corporate blockchain solutions that go above and beyond typical workflow and resource optimization in order to help you become a game-changer in your field. This is what we do. This means having the best techies and coders in the blockchain world to securely connect, speed up important processes, and keep coming up with new ideas so that the ecosystem is strong.

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Consulting on how to work with the blockchain

It’s easy for us to handle any kind of call because we have a lot of best practices from different industries. As soon as your project manager has time to look over your situation with his coding team, we look for any inefficiencies, look for growth triggers, and come up with strategic and financially viable solutions based on your company’s unique strengths.

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App Development

DeFi solution development

If you’re considering putting together turnkey DeFi solutions, the team at Portland Software Developers essentially authored the playbook, and we’ve got you covered. In addition to employing Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin, Echo, and other protocols, we may create a customized copy that caters to specific project requirements. From a solution roadmapping feasibility study to integration with your existing contracts, our DeFi development services include everything you can think of.

Custom Software Development

Tokens That Aren’t Fungible (NFT)

Our stakeholders were early users of blockchain technology power widths, and Portland Software Developers has long been active in NFT development. Your Project Manager will walk you through the maze of possibilities available to you, such as producing one-of-a-kind cryptographic tokens for any real-world assets or domain-specific commercial initiatives. From DeFi to the arts to real estate, we assist industries in reorganizing on a large scale.

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Real Solutions for Security Tokens

Your Project Manager will show you how Portland Software Developers create solutions that assist in the digitization of any asset in order to run a successful security token offering campaign. Obtain a bespoke investment marketplace on a P2P network and use a built-in exchange to obtain high liquidity opportunities or trade securities around the world using a built-in exchange.

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Portland Software Developers is dedicated to your project’s success, and we handpick the best platforms and frameworks for your blockchain apps. We are always attending classes and learning everything we can about BlockChain security approaches, ensuring that our deliverables are future-proof, scalable, and secure!

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